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Training and Compliance

eMEDIAte Learning Solutions provides all sorts of training and compliance solutions. Every day 3.5 million baby boomers retire leaving a loss of experience in business workforce. Training can be used to bring new employees up to a competent level in short order. Training can take many forms depending on your content, workforce, and goals. A custom designed solution for your unique situation needs to be created. Your content is not just ported into an e-Format; instead and in conjunction with your content experts and training force, if you have one, a prodcut is designed that will suit your workforce and get them back to business fast. Compliance needs are handled the same way, a custom solution to meet your companies needs will be carefully developed. You will own the content; it will not be redistributed or sold to other corporations.



Designing and developing training materials to meet your needs is one of eMEDIATE Learning's specialties.

  • eLearning
  • Video production
  • Mobile and Cloud Learning
  • eBooks and Apps
  • Software Simulations and Screencasts
  • Podcasting, Video Podcasts
  • CD/DVD Training Material Development
  • Social Media and Collaborative Learning
  • Hybrid (also known as blended) learning


Compliance is an important part of the modern business world. Offering training, tracking employee progress, and documenting results can increase your bottom line and protect your company from litigation. Sexual harassment training, fiduciary rules and more can be ported for electronic or mobile delivery and the results can filed for future reference.

  • Interactive Quizzes with Documented Tracking and Scores
  • SCORM-compliant quizzes and learning modules
  • Integration with your LMS (Learning Management System) or Ours (We can load your content onto our LMS for your convenience)