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Mobile and Cloud Learning

One of the most cutting-edge areas of learning is mobile and cloud access. As new technologies advance every day, the possibility to leverage these for learning and sustained competitive advantage presents itself. Using apps, mobile training modules, mobile websites and mobile courses allows your company to achieve effective results using an ultra-flexible platform.


Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are websites that are designed to display and navigate specifically on devices with small screens, such as mobile phones and tablets. When users navigate to your domain, the server actually figures out that they are visiting the website from a mobile device and serves up a page that is formatted to their specific device. The user experience from a phone is quite different from that of a computer. By optimizing size and navigational qualities, customers have the flexibility to shop or search for information from your website.



Mobile and Cloud Design

The design and development principles for mobile devices are new and always evolving. We routinely adapt mobile learning for different environments; such as commuting, on-site repair technicians, and compliance needs. Adapting the curricula to different cultures can be a challenge but is one we have successfully accomplished. Your worldwide workforce can have content adapted to their particular needs and culture.