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eMEDIAte Learning Solutions specializes in creating engaging and effective learning products that suit your content and your workforce. Located in the Carlsbad area of San Diego, California allows on-site work in San Diego county as well as remote work.


E-learning products include online and CD/DVD modules, ebooks, podcasts and video-podcasts, use of collaborative social media, instructional videos and software simulations, apps for mobile devices, cloud learning, and SCORM / LMS integration.


Specializing in developing training programs as well as just-in-time support materials will enhance your team's performance; whether the skills are remedial or involve novel learning. Transforming your book and PowerPoint training materials to online training courses that can be delivered via a computer, iPad or other tablet, mobile phone, CD/DVD ROM or via the cloud allows more flexability and lower cost of implementation.



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Analysis is the cornerstone of a solid training plan. A thorough analysis of your needs and corporate goals will be conducted.



Design competencies include graphic art, software development and web design.



Incorporating the latest technology allows development for  Apple, Kindle, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android and more.






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